Andreas_MoritzAndreas Moritz was a medical intuitive; a practitioner of Ayurveda, iridology, shiatsu, and vibrational medicine; a writer; and an artist. Born in southwest Germany in 1954, Moritz dealt with several severe illnesses from an early age, which compelled him to study diet, nutrition and various methods of natural healing while still a child.

By age 20, he completed his training in both iridology (the diagnostic science of eye interpretation) and dietetics. In 1981, he began studying Ayurvedic medicine in India and finished his training as a qualified practitioner of Ayurveda in New Zealand in 1991. Not satisfied with merely treating the symptoms of illness, Moritz dedicated his life’s work to understanding and treating the root causes of illness. Because of this holistic approach, he had great success with cases of terminal disease where conventional methods of healing proved futile.

Starting in 1988, he began practicing the Japanese healing art of shiatsu, which gave him insights into the energy system of the body. In addition, he devoted eight years to researching consciousness and its important role in the field of mind/body medicine.

Andreas Moritz is the author of the following books on health and spirituality:

  • The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush
  • Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation
  • Cancer is Not a Disease! – It’s a Survival Mechanism
  • Lifting the Veil of Duality
  • It’s Time to Come Alive
  • Heart Disease – No More!
  • Diabetes – No More!
  • Simple Steps to Total Health
  • Ending the AIDS Myth
  • Heal Yourself with Sunlight
  • Feel Great, Lose Weight
  • Vaccine-nation: Poisoning the Population, One Shot at a Time
  • Hear the Whispers, Live Your Dream
  • Art of Self-Healing
  • Timeless Wisdom from Andreas Moritz
  • Alzheimer’s – No More!  (expected publication release in 2015)

During his extensive travels throughout the world, Andreas consulted with heads of state and members of government in Europe, Asia and Africa, and lectured widely on the subjects of health, mind/body medicine and spirituality.Moritz had a free forum, ‘Ask Andreas Moritz’, on the large health website Although he stopped writing for this forum around 2006, it contains an extensive archive of his replies to thousands of questions on a variety of health topics.After moving to the United States in 1998, Moritz began developing his new and innovative system of healing called Ener-Chi Art that targets the root causes of many chronic illnesses. Ener-Chi Art consists of a series of light ray-encoded oil paintings that can instantly restore vital energy flow (Chi) in the organs and systems of the body. Moritz is also the creator of Sacred Santémony – Divine Chanting for Every Occasion, a powerful system of specially generated frequencies of sound that can transform deep-seated fears, allergies, traumas and mental or emotional blocks into useful opportunities for growth and inspiration within a matter of moments.In October 2012, Andreas transitioned to the Higher Realms. He released the updated and expanded edition of The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush just before his passing.

Andreas’ legacy comprises a tremendous body of work, which he always generously shared with his readers, colleagues and fans. His YouTube videos, free health information and words of wisdom are available at, and

The Andreas Moritz Light Trust is a non-profit foundation created in 2013 in honor of Andreas and his time-honored kindness, generosity of spirit, profound wisdom, far-reaching teachings and life-transforming insights that have helped countless people around the world.

The goal of the Andreas Moritz Light Trust is to provide meaningful, much- needed assistance to children around the world who have no parents – including nutritious food, healthy and safe living conditions, holistic education, compassionate care and enriching spiritual opportunities.

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Vaccines Suspected in Death of 4 Infants

For many decades, leading scientists and doctors have vehemently promoted the idea that immunization of children is necessary to protect them from contracting such diseases as diphtheria, polio, cholera, typhoid, or malaria. Yet evidence is mounting that immunization may not only be unnecessary but even harmful. Pouring deadly chemicals into a lake doesn’t make it immune to pollutants. Likewise, injecting the live poisons contained in vaccines into the bloodstream of children hardly gives future generations a chance to lead truly healthy lives.

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U.S. Kids Drowning In Diet Drinks

The human body is composed of 75 percent water and 25 percent solid matter. To provide nourishment, eliminate waste, and conduct all the trillions of activities in the body, we need water. Most modern societies, however, no longer stress the importance of drinking water as the most important ‘nutrient’ among nutrients. Entire population groups are substituting water with tea, coffee, alcohol and other manufactured beverages.

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A Note On Conscious Breathing

Letting go is a constant feature of creation. Something old has to go in order for something new to emerge. A thought appears on our mind’s screen and then disappears again. Similarly, we take a breath and then we let it go. To be able to release a breath is a great relief for the body and the mind. We can only take another breath after having released the previously inhaled air from our lungs. With conscious breathing we ‘sink’ deeper and deeper into a restful mode of ‘letting go’, which gradually creates the experience of feeling free, relaxed and centered even during the most active and challenging moments of life.

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A Note on the Ascension Process

There is no use being concerned about where you are or where the planet is in the ascension process. Enlightenment or ascension to an exalted form of existence is the simple acceptance of each new moment as being perfect, with everything you are, whatever that may be. Ascension can occur on many levels. First and second dimensional life forms may ascend to third dimensional life forms. Humans, or third dimensional life forms, may ‘move up’ to either fourth dimensional worlds or fifth dimensional oneness depending on their level of evolution and their intent. No matter where we are at what level, we all are going through an ascension process. Those who are ready to ascend to the fifth dimension are now experiencing major changes in their body, for the merging of body and spirit into one being requires a pure, stress-free physiology. These beings will be perfected beings of Light, in a physical body of Light.

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Green Tea – A Tea for Life

For more than thirty years, Western researchers have known that the occurrence of solid tumor cancers is far less in countries where populations consume large amounts of green tea. Cultures that are endowed with a long tea tradition have much to contribute to individual and global health. However, this applies only to green tea. Regular black tea, presently very popular almost everywhere, has not much to do with real tea. Real tea is derived from the tea plant Thea sinensis or Thea asoncica, not to be confused with herb teas such as peppermint, chamomile or fennel.

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A Victim No More (Newsletter)

A Victim No More  


What You Gain When You Choose Personal Empowerment


Dear Friends,

To this day, one of my greatest teachers in life is my German cousin Rosalinde, who passed from this earth plane three years ago, following lifelong complications that resulted from a birth defect in her heart. Not that she ever shared any information with me that could have served as a blueprint for living my life; yet, the way she conducted herself as she lived through some of the most difficult situations imaginable, runs like a continuous thread through my life as a constant reminder and motivation that “this is who I want to be like”.

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Why We Need to Drink 6-8 Glasses of Water a Day

To produce the right amount of bile each day (1–1½ quarts), which the body requires for proper digestion of food, the liver needs plenty of water. In addition, the body uses up a lot of water to maintain normal blood volume, hydrate the cells and connective tissues, cleanse out toxins, and carry out literally thousands of other functions. Since the body cannot store water the way it stores fat, it is dependent on regular,sufficient water intake.

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