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Vaccines Suspected in Death of 4 Infants

For many decades, leading scientists and doctors have vehemently promoted the idea that immunization of children is necessary to protect them from contracting such diseases as diphtheria, polio, cholera, typhoid, or malaria. Yet evidence is mounting that immunization may not only

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U.S. Kids Drowning In Diet Drinks

The human body is composed of 75 percent water and 25 percent solid matter. To provide nourishment, eliminate waste, and conduct all the ...

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A Note On Conscious Breathing

Letting go is a constant feature of creation. Something old has to go in order for something new to emerge. A thought appears on our mind’s screen and then disappears again. Similarly, we take a breath and then we let it go. To be able to release a breath is a great relief for the body and the mind. We can only take another breath after having released the previously inhaled air from our lungs. With conscious breathing we ‘sink’ deeper and ...

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A Note on the Ascension Process

There is no use being concerned about where you are or where the planet is in the ascension process. Enlightenment or ascension to an exalted form of existence is the simple acceptance of each new moment as being perfect, ... << MORE >>

Green Tea - A Tea for Life

For more than thirty years, Western researchers have known that the occurrence of solid tumor cancers is far less in countries where populations consume large amounts of green tea. Cultures that are endowed with a long tea tradition have much to contribute to individual and global health. However, this applies only to green tea. Regular black tea, presently very popular almost everywhere, has not much to do with real tea. ...

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A Victim No More (Newsletter)

A Victim No More  
What You Gain When You Choose Personal Empowerment

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Why We Need to Drink 6-8 Glasses of Water a Day

To produce the right amount of bile each day (1–1½ quarts), which the body requires for proper digestion of food , the liver

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