Magical healing - just a breath away

My lifelong search for the secrets of healing began at age six when life-threatening events taught me how fragile and helpless a young person could possibly feel. Following a serious head injury from a fall, my health began to decline very rapidly from thereon. At age eight, I began to develop a serious heart condition. Once every 3-4 weeks I found myself passing out in church, or in places like a post office, a theater, or a public bathroom.  Sometimes, I remained unconscious for as long as seven minutes.


By age 10, my joints had become afflicted with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. I also could no longer eat any food that didn't turn into a toxic sludge, thereby affecting my intestines, blood, liver, kidneys and brain. Being severely anemic and weak, I felt like a withering plant that had no choice but to die a slow death. My ability to memorize information was so extremely poor that I kept failing my grades.


Without consciously choosing it, I was confronted with my own mortality; something that I felt shouldn't happen to someone before reaching a ripe old age.  However, my life-threatening challenges became the blueprint for what would translate into the amazing life I became blessed with up to this moment in time.


At the beginning of my challenges, I desperately tried to figure out what was wrong with me. I read one health book after another. By the time I was 12 years old I had acquired so much knowledge about the human body, health and disease, that even my doctors learned a thing or two from me. Strangely, medical information was the only thing I was able to understand and recall. Later on I discovered that I was only truly able to learn what was of some value to me or excited me. Everything else passed me by like cars on a busy street, never to be seen again.


I tried fasting, sometimes for up to four weeks without eating any food, or eating just small pieces of dry, old bread with half a cup of milk, twice a day, to help detoxify my body. That helped my stomach and heart feel less tightness, and I seemed to have more energy. It even improved a severe spinal scoliosis I suffered from since my early head injury.  However, I found that all my conditions returned soon after I resumed my previous eating habits. All this helped me understand that my conditions had something to do with what I ate or didn't eat. Altogether I changed my diet a dozen times to see if eating different kinds of foods would make any difference. And although my doctors never even mentioned anything about being careful with certain foods, my strong fear surrounding what I put in my mouth was very real to me. Experimenting with different diets turned me into my own best guinea pig, something that served me greatly in my healing work later in life.


The repeated fainting spells, during which my breath and life energy were sucked out of me, led me to question the purpose of my life.  The repeated cycles of 'death' and 'resurrection' somehow taught me what my life was really all about. Slowly, all the scattered pieces of my life's jigsaw puzzle started to come together and form a cohesive, meaningful picture. Instead of figuring out what didn't work in my life, I began to focus on all those things that did, even by tiny increments. Surprisingly, this increased my energy, joy and vitality, things I thought I couldn't experience because of my health conditions.


Gradually, by allowing my attention to turn toward where my passion and excitement wanted me to be, I spontaneously began to perceive an underlying purpose and meaning behind every adversity that had previously touched me. Each adversity became, as the word suggests, an 'added diversity', nothing to be scared of. As a result of seeing some value even in the many moments of misery I had to face in my young life, creative solutions and opportunities began to pop up, like popcorn placed in hot oil.


At age 16, I began to practice meditation every morning and evening. Miraculously, I stopped passing out. I became increasingly aware of a very attractive place inside me - hidden beneath the appearance of thoughts, feelings and emotions - where I could not differentiate between good and evil, right and wrong, positive and negative, love and fear, ups and downs, beautiful and ugly, and so on. Soon, I was able to embrace the opposing dualities of life as being useful and highly beneficial for me. I was thrilled about uncovering the hidden meanings behind all these negative events in my life, a perceptual gift that has stayed with me to this day and become a great asset in my work with thousands of sick people.  One after another, these ugly, painful episodes began to sparkle like diamonds in the sun.  What had happened to me?


When I was afflicted with physical disability and mental/emotional anguish for so many of my childhood years, I drifted into a state of hopelessness and despair where everything that was wonderful and endearing to other kids, was meaningless in my own life. I concluded that trusting in the body's wisdom and cooperating with it when it falls ill, is pointless. After all, the wisest among doctors had told us that the body cannot be trusted because it is prone to making mistakes, mistakes that could have fatal consequences for us. These mistakes are called disease. To correct our body's 'mistakes', we are still being told we must employ the help of specialists (doctors) who have gone through many years of rigorous training and acquired the diagnostic skills to figure out what is wrong with it. Then they apply the appropriate procedures to rectify the body's 'misbehavior' or 'suicidal' (autoimmune) tendencies.  


I wonder if this sounds familiar to you? 


Since doctors have been given the legal right to treat disease, and you haven't, you may feel obliged to do whatever they ask or tell you to do. Motivated by a strong desire to feel better again, and possibly overwhelmed with fear and concern, you may willingly hand over the power and responsibility for your body to a stranger, someone you may only meet for 15 minutes or less. It may not even cross your mind how a stranger (albeit a professional) could possibly figure out everything about you, e.g., what you are eating or not eating, where you live, what kinds of toxins you are exposed to, if you drink enough fluids, whether you sleep well or spend enough time in the sun to get your vitamin D, if you are going through an emotional conflict, like a divorce, or have trouble with your boss at work, etc., all things that have been proven to impact your health and wellbeing.


The unconditional acceptance, on your part, of the idea that your body must be doing something wrong if it is not well, heightens the feeling of failure or incompetence. Perhaps, you may believe that your body is out to cause you trouble, and you feel angry at it for disrupting your life and ruining your plans or achieving your goals and desires. This is where you start feeling powerless against your own body. It may not occur to you that these thoughts, themselves, may be the very programs and self-fulfilling prophecies that render your body powerless against an illness. It certainly worked for me, in a negative sense.


Of course, the notion that our own thoughts can make us ill, or perpetuate an illness we suffer from, used to be mere speculation until more recently when science began backing up this 'strange' idea. Even U.S. health agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now admit that emotional stress can cause cancer. New brain research has even gone so far as to claim that whether we heal, or don't heal, from a disease has nothing at all to do with taking medications, but is entirely due to a patient's 'expectation'.[for details, see this article, 'Positive Expectation - A Medical Miracle'] So far, medical treatment was believed to be the only determining factor behind the cure or recovery from a particular disease. This new research completely invalidates that theory.  So what can you do with this information?


Well, for starters, you can draw the conclusion that illness is not as 'bad', and health is not as 'good', as you may have thought. Why does disease almost always seem to put a sudden, much-needed brake on a person's life? Consider this: disease could be a fortunate experience because itchanges the course of your life from a direction that no longer serves your highest good, to one that does. Disease may, indeed, be one of the most efficient healing responses the body has in order to return or advance us to a life of passion, excitement and tremendous vitality. 


Instead of using your energy to find out what is wrong with the body or mind, you might just as well focus it on unleashing your creative power as the principle source of health and youthfulness. Good health doesn't need to be invented; it's there for us to claim and own. 


Ultimately, dis-ease and disease are the result of disconnecting our body from who we truly are. This separation from our life force and inner creative power occurs the moment we fall for one or more of the following beliefs: the body can somehow make us sick; we have to be vaccinated to be protected against infectious disease; we need a doctor from the instant we are born until the moment we die; we must worry about cancer, heart disease and dementia; and, the world is basically a hostile place where we must struggle for survival. 


We are destined to realize that trying to find out everything about the symptoms of disease and other calamities is as futile as trying to investigate all the possible problems that darkness could cause to a person who has no light to see the path in front of him. Although turning on a flashlight is a very simple act, it can solve some of the most complex problems arising from stumbling in the dark, such as getting lost, falling into a ravine, bumping your head against a tree, etc.  Just imagine if there was no light. What could you do without it? Fixing diseases is similar to fixing darkness; there is no end to the fixing.


Healing does not need to take long; although, as in my own case, it can take a while to get to that point where healing can occur in an instant. According to research, spontaneous remissions and a complete cure of cancer occur when those afflicted with it move into a state of grace where they relinquish all resistance to it. Unlike resignation, these individuals willingly accept what is. But this simple 'what is' is precisely the state of mind where miracles happen. Such miracles occur more when someone faces death and, oddly, stops the struggle for survival.


Giving in to death may actually remove the fear of not being good enough or healthy enough, of not being a kind enough person, of feeling responsible for others, and more. Accordingly, consciously losing the fear of dying may instantly unleash the body's own powerful healing mechanisms that can dismantle egg-sized malignant tumors in the brain, bladder, intestines, etc., in less than 24 hours and, in some instances, in as little as 15 seconds. There are thousands of documented cases like these.


In 1982, while lying in a hospital in New Delhi, India during a third bout of Indian malaria, I consciously died, with no expectation or fear in my heart. My clinical death lasted for eight earth minutes. When I returned to my supposedly dead body, it not only came back to life, but also healed the malaria in less than an hour. The baffled doctors could not explain to me how I could have possibly healed this quickly, or revived my own dead body. To me, given the state of fearlessness I experienced, this was no miracle at all.


What is most interesting in these cases of spontaneous healing is that the healing merely consisted of gaining freedom from judgment, of accepting one's situation at that moment. Fighting for life doesn't get you to this magical place where you become your own miracle healer, for effort and struggle are borne out of fear. Fear is the ultimate energy that prevents the mobilization of the body's intrinsic healing powers. Giving up one's desire to live, on the other hand, is borne out of resignation or frustration, and merely represents the other end of duality awareness. However, accepting death without trying to avoid or enforce it moves you into the moment of grace where miracles take place. 


When you are under the influence of fear, which happens when you perceive a negative event, person or situation out there as threatening to you, you shut down your heart. The moment your heart closes, the cells in your body follow suit, and all the essential functions in the body become subdued.  This is known as emotional stress, initiating a fight or flight response, which literally suppresses blood circulation to all your vital organs and systems, including the digestive system, brain and immune system. In other words, while under the influence of fear, your healing mechanisms are paralyzed. 


The prerequisite for healing lies in your willingness to love or accept as a blessing whatever or whoever bothers you. Problems, enemies or adversities are not what threaten us; the real threat is our inability to love what we fear. If fear of disease is your motivation to get well, you simply cannot heal, even if you succeed in squashing the symptoms of disease for a while. If loving your body is greater than your fear of it, your body has no other choice but to return to its balanced state of wellbeing.


This principal became very obvious to me when I suffered over 40 excruciatingly painful gallstone attacks, one every 6-8 weeks. First I was desperate to get rid of the problem. Then I resigned myself to having this debilitating condition. Eventually, I became excited learning from it. The moment I accepted that these attacks provided me with an opportunity of some kind, I made a great discovery: how to cleanse my liver of more than 3,500 cholesterol stones and my gallbladder of a dozen calcified stones.


Miraculously, every health problem I had had for many years disappeared along with these stones. This generated the natural desire to share my experiences with the world in the form of my very first book, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush, which made this highly effective cleanse available to millions of people around the world. It still is very humbling for me to see how the universe works. How could my personal health issue not only lead to a solution to my own physical ailments, but also help millions of others regain their physical freedom, health, vibrancy and happiness?


Everything in life, especially what appears to be negative and harmful, is valuable and once we see that, we become graced with the perception of oneness, the platform from which healing can be instantaneous.


This is what has worked for me and it may work for you, too. Fear stifles excitement and passion, and this robs the body of the energy needed to be healthy. However, fear is merely the absence of love.  Fighting your fears or suppressing them does nothing to make you feel whole again. Instead, face them, allow them to be felt and stay with them for as long as it takes. Let your fears grow bigger. Make them as big as you can imagine them to be. Imagine the worst case scenario and let yourself feel all of it. And then just let it be with you. If you feel like it, love what you are afraid of. If you love what you fear or don't like, the fear or aversion you had against it will vanish in an instant. All dislike is based on fear, which is merely the absence of love. Don't try to get rid of it, just accept what is, and your fears and aversions will begin to fade away. 


The only way to transmute fear is by doing and embracing exactly what you are afraid of. The sole purpose of fear is to give us the opportunity to love what we have separated ourselves from. Our true source is oneness, where any limitation or isolation is not acceptable. Fear is the motivating force to inspire the love that helps restore us to the oneness of all that is.


Negatives are not to be dismissed or removed; they need to be integrated into our heart so we can be free of pain, disease, poverty and limitations of any kind. You may not be able to change the people around you or the environment and circumstances that you are exposed to, but how you perceive these is totally up to you. In fact, your perception is the only reality that counts, for you. It's your free ticket to enduring freedom, health and happiness in your life. 


The message encoded in the words of this chapter is that you do not need to fight the dark, disease, pain, aging, poverty, wars, evil, etc. We are here to integrate the negatives of life with their positive counterparts. Dark and light belong together. They dance the dance of the ages - of eternal change - and make all life possible. There is a time for darkness and there a time for light. Love and accept both, and they will set you free.

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  • July 9, 2011 jon marc hammer wrote:
    Blessings, Andreas!
    I agree with you fully, and have spent a lifetime discovering and sharing the world over, what real healing/enlightenment is all about: a 'return to original Wholeness. The ONLY thing that works is the healing from Fear, VIA turning to WHAT has been feared, seeing it clearly, embracing it fully, and thereby BRINGING healing power of Love to it via Presence (no recoil/reactivity, replaced with willingness, curiousity, wonder, and the humility to let what is occurring teach you). A cornerstone for me is the Breath, and I would love to send you my CD, LovesBreath, as a gift of gratitude for your service to others. Just send me your mailing address (or we can arrange for a free download) at
    Again, blessings to you!
    jayem (jon marc hammer)
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  • July 19, 2011 A Cordova wrote:
    Mr Moritz:

    I have read the 'Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush' & 'Cancer is not a disease' books. I think you are on to something and followed your advise to cleanse my system. I opted to use the Epsom salt cleanse that you espouse in your book. I did it for 2 weeks as you suggested. I stopped there because I am now constipated. In searching, I discovered that this process takes out all of the good bacteria in your stomach and if it is not replaced the bad bacteria (Candida) will take over. This message comes not to scold you but if you are offering solutions I would think that you would be more effective to offer all of the solution. Now, I need to know how to eradicate the Candida and restore the healthy flora in my body. Probiotics have not fixed this issue. As important as it is to clean your system out with the various flushes in order maintain your health and stay free of disease, being constipated if not acted on can create the very blockages in our bodies that leads to create the anaerobic environments that causes disease as you teach in your book. It would be well for you to address these points. I am looking for a solution if you have one. Regards
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    1. July 20, 2011 Andreas Moritz wrote:
      Thank you. In my book I propose using the Epsom salts preparation cleanse only if none of the other colon cleaning methods are possible. Ideally, one should have colon-hydrotherapy, use a Colema, or do 2-3 back-to-back water enemas using at least 1 liter of water each, especially for the colon cleanse within three a days after each liver flush.  Most chemists or pharmacies carry enema bags, especially for pregnant women who are often constipated. They look something like this:

      I have not heard about anyone, though, who chose the Epsom salts cleanse, and developed constipation. A clean colon typically is repopulated with probiotics bacteria in a matter of 48 hours. Long-term use of any laxatives, like Epsom salts, can temporarily reduce both beneficial bacteria and destructive bacteria from the colon. Increased bile secretion, achieved through liver flushes, though, helps restore and greatly improved a good probiotics situation.  

      It’s good to avoid Vata-increasing foods to avoid constipation (see Vata food list in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation).


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      1. July 20, 2011 A Douglas wrote:
        Thank you. I will go back and try again. Colon Hydrotherepy & then a liver flush. If remember correctly from your book (I don't have at with me as I am at work), one should have a hydrotherapy session before AND after the liver flush...correct? Also, what should the minimum duration be between liver flushes? Thank you & Sincerely yours.
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        1. July 21, 2011 Andreas Moritz wrote:
          Yes, the liver and gallbladder flush protocol calls for a thorough cleansing of the colon both within 3 days before and after the flush itself (which takes place on Day 6).  

          The absolute minimum time frame in-between flushes is 2 weeks; doing one every 3-4 weeks is optimal.

          Warmly, Stacy (on behalf of Andreas)

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          1. November 30, 2012 Sonia wrote:
            I need to know what can I eat instead of protein animal.i clean a different house every day and do weigh lifting.i tried become a vegetarian and get wick and so thin. also my bowel movement is normal: 5 times a day,do I need to clean my colon before the flush anyway?please I need your advice.thanks
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